Black Nose


The black nose serves as a symbolic eye-catcher to bring attention to the 230‘000 children and families and more than 450’000 affected people living with a rare disease in Switzerland. (Fact: More than 230 million are affected worldwide.) We give them a voice and a face through this awareness campaign.
We aim to bring rare diseases into the social consciousness by everyone standing together to support those living with a rare disease that they may realise a better future.
In doing so, we forge a path for further research, knowledge-sharing, treatments, and the creation of support networks to address the numerous challenges those affected face. Read More…

How You Can Get Involved!

1. Give those affected by a rare disease your voice!
Support the Black Nose campaign on Facebook. Send us your photo and you’ll get your Black Nose in return. Upload your “unique” photo to your Facebook profile and motivate your friends to follow your lead at the same time. Together we mobilise each other! Help us to spread the word! GET YOUR NOSE too!
2. Your contribution!
Each sponsorship and donation supports our work. We connect and mobilise children and families through our health promotion program, Little Orphan Elf (Elfen Helfen®). We research new therapies and offer coaching for patients, interested individuals and medical specialists. My Donation
3. Stay informed!
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Thank you so much for your interest and engagement!

Nobel Peace Price Laureate Prof. M.Yunus supports our Black Nose campaign from Vienna

Orphanbiotec was invited to attend the Global Social Business Summit 2012 by Nobel Prize M. Yunus in Vienna.
2 exciting days with working groups on Impact Business and impressive personal conversations – even with the Spanish Queen Sofia – emphasized the need for a change in economics, towards sustainable and compatible economics without high personalized profits.

Black Nose & Santa Claus-Swimming 2012


Media - Downloadable files

Download – “Plakat Raphael” (pdf)
Download – “Plakat Anna Heller” (pdf)
Press Release (pdf) UA-10099279-1