There are more than 230 million people affected by a rare disease worldwide.
75% of those affected are children. Many of them will not reach the age of 5. Even in modern countries, there is a tremendous lack of diagnoses, therapies and budget for research and develop in this field.
Rare diseases have been forgotten by governments, as well as, by the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, there is little knowledge about most of the more than 6,000 rare diseases. Affected families are isolated because of the little support and network. In addition to these problems, the few available drugs are often too expensive and they are not covered by the health insurance. More…

We offer solutions

What your donation allows

  • Your Donations or Legacies fund our work, our Health Empowerment program and our R&D. More information about Projects.
  • With an annual partnership (just the value of a cup of coffee per week during one year), you will allow affected children and families to have a future. Thank you! My contribution.

Your benefits as a company

  • A Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership assumes responsibility for common social challenges.
  • Together we will achieve goals faster, reduce costs and provide sustainable solutions for Rare Diseases.
  • We do our projects with low budgets. You save your resources while increasing your reputation.
  • Together, we offer concrete support to those affected and their families. We provide them with a more sustainable quality of life (patient empowerment).
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